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June 28, 2019
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June 29, 2019

Using Amazon Web Services? Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud has all your security needs covered

Like many consumers of public cloud infrastructure services, organizations that run workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) face an array of security challenges that span from traditional threat vectors to the exploitation of more abstract workloads and entry points into the infrastructure.

This week at AWS re:Inforce, a new feature for AWS workload visibility was announced – AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Traffic Mirroring.  This feature allows for a full 1:1 packet capture of the traffic flowing within and in/out of a customer’s VPC environment.  This allows for vendors to provide visibility into the entire AWS traffic, and the ability to perform network and security analytics.  Cisco Steathwatch Cloud is able to fully leverage VPC Traffic Mirroring for transactional network conversation visibility, threat detection and compliance risk alerting.

Stealthwatch Cloud is actually unique in that we have had this level of traffic visibility and security analytics deep within an AWS infrastructure for a number of years now with our ability to ingest AWS VPC Flow Logs. VPC Flow Logs allow for a parallel level of visibility in AWS without having to deploy any sensors or collectors. This method of infrastructure visibility allows for incredibly easy deployment within many AWS VPCs and accounts at scale in a quick-to-operationalize manner with Stealthwatch Cloud’s SaaS visibility and threat detection solution. In fact, you can deploy Stealthwatch Cloud within your AWS environment in as little as 10 minutes!

Additionally, we are seeing that the majority of customer traffic in, out and within a VPC is encrypted. Stealthwatch Cloud is designed from the ground up to assume that the traffic is encrypted and to model every entity and look for threats leveraging a multitude of data points regardless of payload.

Stealthwatch Cloud takes the AWS visibility and protection capability even deeper by leveraging the AWS API to retrieve a wide array of telemetry from the AWS backend to tell a richer story of what’s actually going on throughout the AWS environment, far beyond just monitoring the network traffic itself. We illuminate API keys, user accounts, CloudTrail audit log events, instance tags, abstract services such as Redshift, RDS, Inspector, ELBs, Lambdas, S3 buckets, Nat Gateways and many other services many of our customers are using beyond just VPCs and EC2 instances.

Here is a screenshot from the customer portal with just a sample of the additional value Stealthwatch Cloud offers AWS customers in addition to our network traffic analytics:

The following screenshot shows how we are able to extend our behavioral anomaly detection and modeling far beyond just EC2 instances and are able to learn “known good” for API keys, user accounts and other entry points into the environment that customers need to be concerned about:

Combine this unique set of rich AWS backend telemetry with the traffic analytics that we can perform with either VPC Flow Logs or VPC Traffic Mirroring, and we are able to ensure that customers are protected regardless of where the threat vector into their AWS deployment may exist – at the VPC ingress/egress, at the AWS web login screen or leveraging API keys.  Cisco is well aware that our customers are using a broad set of services in AWS that stretch from virtual machines to serverless and Kubernetes.  Stealthwatch Cloud is able to provide the visibility, accountability and threat detection across the Kill Chain in any of these environments today.

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