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5 Smart Locks to Consider for Your Home


Smart locks are first and foremost security devices, but they are also convenient. With a tap of a button or by using voice command you can unlock your door on days you might have forgotten your keys, or to let a friend in while you’re away.

When it comes to choosing a smart lock, you want to keep security at the front of your mind. A great safety features is to use a PIN when using voice commands to unlock the door and to only share this information with those you trust. Another feature to consider is an auto re-lock function, which automatically locks the door behind you, just in case you forget.

Another consideration is whether or not you want a keypad device. If so, the retrofit devices will require that you replace the deadbolt on your door. A keypad device will also require new keys to use.

With all of this in mind, here are five different smart locks to consider:


1. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Bundle

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect bundle costs $279. The bundle includes a retrofit smart lock to replace your deadbolt, a Wi-Fi module and a DoorSense open/close sensor. By itself, the smart lock supports Z-Wave (hub not included) and Apple Home Kit. With the Wi-Fi module, it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and gives you remote access to unlock your door.


2. Third Generation August Smart Lock + Connect Bundle

This lock is similar to the one above, but at a cheaper cost: $219. It still comes with the smart lock, the Wi-Fi module and DoorSense open/close sensor. However, with this design you won’t need to replace your deadbolt. That means that this smart lock is great for renters or people that move often. This smart lock bundle also supports Z-Wave, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and remote access.


3. Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

The Yale Assure Lock bundle is the priciest on the list, but not by far: $299. This bundle includes similar technology as the first two on this list with the August Connect app, so it includes the same Wi-Fi module and DoorSense open/close senors. It also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

If you need to connect your smart lock to a smart home hub, you can get interchangeable modules for Zigbee or Z-Wave for $50 each.


4. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

This Schlage smart lock costs $249. The pros of this smart lock are that you don’t need a Z-Wave or Zigbee hub to connect it to your smart home. However, the cons are that it doesn’t support HomeKit compatibility and you only get 100 users codes. Still, this lock has built-in Wi-Fi, connects with an app and supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.


5. Array by Hampton Connected Door Lock

The final for this list is the Array by Hampton smart lock, which is $299. This retrofit lock features a nice design, a hidden keypad, solar-powered back-up battery and built-in Wi-Fi. While these features are convenient, it doesn’t yet support a hub like HomeKit or Google Assistant. It only supports Amazon Alexa at this point. This lock will get the job done, but don’t expect full smart-home integration.

When it comes to expanding your smart home security, a smart lock is a great investment. There are many great options out on the market to choose from. If you need some guidance, this list is a great starting point.

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