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5 Tips to Improve Your Home WiFi

5 Tips to Improve Your Home WiFi

1.    Update your router

If your WiFi network is hurting, the best place to start is with updating your router. If you have a device that allows you to update the software. This firmware will depend on the manufacturer and model and if it allows you to upgrade. But, you may need to just update your whole router in general.

Either way, make sure it is updated. Not only will this help boost your WiFi performance, it will help keep you secure, too.

2.    Router placement

Make sure your router is placed in a central location. If it’s tucked in a corner or blocked by an obstacle like a thick cement wall, then your WiFi connection and speeds are going to suffer. So, if you know that your router is updated, then a better placement in your home could be the boost that you need.

3.    WiFi adapter

Placement wasn’t the issue? Your router might need help getting better WiFi coverage throughout your home. You can achieve this by using a WiFi adapter. A WiFi adapter requires two outlets and uses a powerline (like an ethernet cable and the coaxial wiring in your home) to connect the outlets to your router and your device. This helps extend the wireless range throughout your home.

4.    WiFi extender

You can also rely on a WiFi extender, which like an adapter, helps extend the WiFi range in your home. The difference with this device is that it connects to your router instead of outlets and existing wiring to transmit your existing WiFi signal even further through your home.

5.     Manage your WiFi network

Lastly, you can use a WiFi management platform to make sure that your network is configured for optimum performance. These systems can show you your internet speeds, WiFi signal and help you troubleshoot any issues.

At the end of the day, making sure that you stay on top of updates for your devices will help the overall health of your home network, giving you the boost that you need. But, if you feel that your current WiFi network is in the weeds and needs help, these five tips are a great starting point to get your wireless network where you want it to be.

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