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September 1, 2019
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September 3, 2019

75% of Broadband Households Want Access to Security



About 75% of American households with access to broadband Internet also want connection to security or privacy services, too. These families plan to sign up for services offering protection against hackers, and they are looking to do so within the next 12 months.

Park Associates put out another research study that showed households have concerns about smart technology. These connected households are more than ready to pay extra for security services in their smart homes. Here’s the breakdown of what households are willing to pay for in regards to security and privacy services (from largest interest to least):


  • Bundled Internet services with no additional charge
  • Paying a one-time fee when purchasing devices
  • Paying a monthly subscription fee
  • Paying a monthly subscription fee for technical support
  • Buying an extended warranty or protection plan


What is included in these services and privacy services?

These security measures include services like parental controls, malware detection, monitoring network activity, identity theft protection and more. While most consumers have heard of these services, they likely understand them only as buzzwords. Lindsay Gafford, Research Analyst at Park Associates, says that consumers are confused about what these services really mean and what is actually available to them.

Consumers want to know which services will actually protect their data and which will fit with their payment preferences. The time is now for broadband service providers and data security service providers to team up to offer packages for consumers that actually add value.


More findings:


Here are other findings that the report uncovered:

  • 40% of consumer are unprotected from unauthorized access, and have not taken action to get protected.
  • 15% of consumers believe in the benefit of sharing their data.
  • 63% of U.S. broadband households use at least one data security service (for various purposes).

So, while many broadband households are waking up to the idea of data security and taking action, there is still a large amount of consumers that needs to get on board. Still, over the next year, broadband providers and data security providers are likely to see more interest and willingness to pay for bundled deals, subscriptions or even additional fees.

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