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May 20, 2020
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Announcing Cisco Tetration SaaS Offering Available in Europe

No one could have imagined that our fast-paced lives would change so significantly.  With half of the planet on lockdown, these are some unprecedented times and we need to do whatever it takes to protect what is important to us in our personal as well as business lives. This also means as we shift ‘where’ we work from, security risks and threats are also shifting and unfortunately increasing.

18 months ago, we launched Cisco Tetration SaaS and ever since, we have only accelerated the journey to secure our customers application workloads. More than half of our customers now use SaaS for their workload security needs. The ease of deployment, no operational overhead and the ability to expand to rapidly support the growth and needs of your business, are some of the reasons why our customers prefer SaaS.  That flexibility combined with Tetration’s comprehensive visibility, automated policy discovery and enforcement, and advanced security analytics is a winning combination for your business.

Expansion in this new region will enable opportunities to drive security solutions, closer to customers.

While Cisco Tetration SaaS is available globally, our customers data resided in the United States. Data stored in region is critical for European customers with data residency requirements and regulations, such as those operating in healthcare, financial services and government.  In order to support those needs, and to meet the growing demands, we decided to expand our reach. With our expansion into Europe, customers will be able to store their data locally with the assurance that it will not move unless they choose to move it.

Here is how our customers and partners will benefit from Cisco Tetration SaaS in region:

“Securing our customers data is a top priority. We are doing our part to ensure our applications and access to it, is secure and compliant,” said Steve Erzberger, CTO Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Switzerland) AG. “Cisco Tetration SaaS offering available in region will enable us to secure our applications workloads and help us with our segmentation project, meeting GDPR requirements.”

“As more and more organizations embrace digital transformation, SasS offerings are essential to meet the demands of customers,” said Alain Kistler,Chief Managed Services Officer,  Netcloud. “Partnering with Cisco Tetration opens up new market opportunities to provide workload security for multi-cloud environments for the commercial markets locally.”

Organizations from Europe – enterprise, public sector, and startups now have a SaaS based workload security solution in their region and do not have to worry about data crossing the borders. It enables organizations of all forms and sizes, to take advantage of the security, scalability, ease of use and reliability of Cisco Tetration SaaS platform – to be able to innovate. iterate faster, and securely.

Cisco Tetration SaaS for European customers will now have an option to host data in Germany, with disaster recovery and data backup in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Both the POPs are in completely different fault domains and availability zones, so with something as minor as a link outage or big as a natural calamity, we got our customers workload security needs covered 24 x7.

These are unchartered territories and despite that, Tetration team worked round the clock to operate and expand their SaaS footprint in order to support customers who need their applications running securely. As some of our customers in healthcare, financial, manufacturing and other industries work – day and night – to meet the new demands of today, securing their application is one less thing they need to worry about, with Cisco Tetration.

New region in Europe is live with active customers and is ready to secure your workloads, no matter where they are.

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