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November 4, 2019
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November 5, 2019

C2 With It All: From Ransomware To Carding


Cisco Talos recently discovered a new server hosting a large stockpile of malicious files. Our analysis of these files shows that these attackers were able to obtain a deep level of access to victims’ infrastructure — all of which allowed us to identify several targets of these attacks, including one American manufacturing company. Talos notified these targets of the attack.

We found a great variety of malicious files on this server, ranging from ransomware like the DopplePaymer, to credit card capture malware like the TinyPOS, as well as some loaders that execute code delivered directly from the command and control (C2)

The data found on this server shows how malicious actors can diversify their activities to target different organizations and individuals, while still using the same infrastructure. The tools we studied paint a picture of an adversary that is resourceful and has a widespread infrastructure shared across different operations.

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