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Cisco Secure Endpoint – looking very positive in recent reports!

Lots of exciting things happening at Cisco, and for our customers, all to help them better prepare for what’s next. Case in point, we just returned from a very successful Cisco Partner Summit where the spotlight shined on cyber security. When our executives were on stage talking about solutions, the attendees heard a very catchy phrase; “if it’s connected, it’s protected.”  A cool phrase, but there is more to that phrase and much more behind it.   

To tie both connected and protected together, it’s good to note that Cisco is uniquely positioned as a security vendor with 80% of the worldwide internet traffic running through our network hardware and secured by our open platform, with hundreds of thousands of customers benefitting from automation, and from enriched and prioritized threat intel via our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities. That means a vast amount of unique insights for our customers to become more resilient, stay ahead of threats, be more confident, and benefit from less risk. 

But there are questions, naturally!  

As examples of these questions above: 

 (1) what about proof points on the above? 

 (2) and do Cisco’s capabilities align with what customers want and need?  

Let’s find out on the first by bringing the XDR aspect of security into the discussion, and the second by observing responses from a Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ 

 (TEI) study commissioned by Cisco, both points utilizing our Secure Endpoint solution. 

XDR Proof Points via Secure Endpoint Test Results 

First off, in simple terms, XDR provides the benefit of integrating threat intel from all control points of the security platform and combines that into actionable insights for better, faster, and where appropriate, prioritized remediation of the most critical threats, i.e. XDR helps security teams to identify the threats that can do the most damage and enables the workflows to neutralize those threats first. 

And here is where the proof point comes in. One of the most critical components of XDR is endpoint security. And in the case of Cisco, it’s our Secure Endpoint solution. Cisco recently participated in the AV-Comparatives’ Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR) Test. The AV-C test is described by that independent test organization as “… the most comprehensive test of EPR products ever performed.” Secure Endpoint was one of the 10 endpoint security products in the test that were subjected to 50 separate targeted attack scenarios, which used a variety of different techniques.  

Here are the highlights of the AV-C EPR report where Cisco Secure Endpoint: 

  • clearly achieved the highest ranking of 100% out of 10 vendors 
  • was the only vendor with 100% in all phases, for both active and passive responses, for all 50 separate targeted attack scenarios   
  • delivered the lowest TCO out of 10 products – $587 5-year TCO (per agent) 

Stunning results and confidence building for our customers that Cisco is effective in endpoint security. Read the complete AV-C EPR Test Report here.

And then, what about the second proof point – is Cisco providing what customers want & need? 

Customer Alignment Proof Points via Forrester Secure Endpoint TEI Report 

Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform an unbiased cost-benefit analysis of our Cisco Secure Endpoint product. The report yielded the highlights below, based upon a composite organization, and also includes 20+ outstanding customer quotes. 

Here’s the Forrester TEI Study bottom line for the composite organization: 

  • achieved ROI of up to 287% and saw payback <6 months  
  • After deploying Cisco Secure Endpoint and SecureX, the time to investigate and/or remediate is reduced by 50% 
  • customers modernized their security and reduced their risk of material breach and productivity loss   

Very good results and again, confidence building for our customers that Cisco is effective in endpoint security. Read the Forrester “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco Secure Endpoint” Study here. 

One last thing, what about those customer quotes? Here are a couple of examples: 

“Having something take immediate action to quarantine something that could have propagated quickly and take down your network [is] a priceless piece.”  

Director of IT security, logistics 

“We wanted [a company that] is passionate and cares about us running through the night.” 

Director of IT security, logistics

To find out more, read Forrester’s “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco Secure Endpoint” Study here. And if you are not familiar with Secure Endpoint, or would like to sign up for a free trial, check it out here.

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