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Cisco Security Supporting NATO’s Largest Cybersecurity Conference

NIAS is NATO’s largest cyber security conference and provides an opportunity for NATO and government leaders, defence and cybersecurity specialists to discuss needs and priorities and effective cyber security solutions.

NATO’s mission is to protect the freedom of its members. It has innovated and adapted itself to ensure its policies, capabilities and structures meet current and future threats, including the collective defence of its members.  In 2016, Allies reaffirmed NATO’s defensive mandate and also recognised cyberspace as a domain of operations in which NATO must defend itself as effectively as it does in the air, on land and at sea.  Cybersecurity is also a critical component of its operations, enabling intelligence to be safeguarded and operational communications to be secure and confidential.

The demands on NATO associated with its cybersecurity mandate are significant as indeed are those for all organisations in keeping their workforces protected anywhere.  They are up against active adversaries who are well-funded and endlessly patient. Nonetheless, effective cybersecurity should clear the path for any organisation to achieve its goals and not get in the way. It should be simple, yet powerful. Flexible, yet rock-solid. Invisible to users, yet easily managed behind the scenes.

At the heart of Cisco’s platform approach to cybersecurity is a simple idea that is consistent with the approach to air, land and sea defences: security solutions should be designed to act as a team. They should learn from each other. They should listen and respond as a coordinated unit. When that happens, security becomes more systematic and effective.

As the biggest security company in the world, Cisco has the breadth and depth of knowledge to solve platform-level challenges that span the data centre, network, cloud, internet, email, endpoints, and everywhere in between. As a global leader in networking that collaborates with customers to solve complex IT challenges, we’re uniquely positioned to embed security into any organisation’s network and architecture at scale.

Cisco Security will again have a prominent presence as Gold sponsor at NIAS, NATO’s largest cyber conference that takes place October 15-17 in Mons, Belgium, for engaging discussions on the critical role cyber security plays in securing the NATO Alliance.  Under the banner Security Above Everything, Cisco’s presence includes Edna Conway, Cisco’s Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chainas the keynote speaker talking about “The Trolls Under the Bridge: Who & What Lurks in Your Supply Chain?” and Martin Lee from Talos, Cisco Threat Intelligence, as host of a technical workshop focused on “Understanding Software Supply Chain Attacks”.

At the Cisco booth featuring the threat wall, delegates will be able to watch live demos and learn about security solutions that enable private and public organisations to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks. Visitors can book meetings with Cisco security experts through the event website.