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March 20, 2020
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Cisco Wins Global Excellence for Cybersecurity Education and Awareness

People are the key to any effective cybersecurity strategy. If your people don’t understand relevant cyber risks or don’t know how to take the proper action when they occur, the rest of your strategy simply doesn’t matter. At Cisco, we practice a pervasive security culture. Our combination of workforce training and educational initiatives instills a company-wide commitment and collective sense of responsibility and ownership to protect ourselves and our customers.

How do you get a global network of employees and contractors to take personal responsibility for cybersecurity, data protection, and privacy? We knew we had to develop a campaign that would garner attention in a fun and creative way to keep people engaged and alert. In response, we developed Keep Cisco Safe, an innovative internal risk mitigation awareness and education program. It combined out-of-the-box creative thinking, gamification, digital signage, a personalized rewards system including achievement badges and top-down executive sponsorship to change worker’s behaviors.

A key facet of the campaign included cyber “monsters,” each representing threat characters. With a focus on data protection, privacy, secure product development, and threats such as adware, malware and phishing, the monsters gave Cisco employees an eye-catching opportunity to identify, learn and act. To learn more, I highly encourage you to read the complete case study.

Now with over 97,000 actively engaged, we’ve found that Cisco employees and contractors have increased their cybersecurity knowledge and vigilance. This is clear by the spike of incidents being reported to our Data Protection and Privacy Response team. It’s not that we have experienced more incidents, it is the fact that more people are reporting them through proper channels.

To call the Keep Cisco Safe campaign “monstrously” successful would be an understatement. I am honored to share the campaign has been named a winner in Info Security Product Guide’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards!

Info Security Products Guide – the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide – recognizes cybersecurity IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking marketing programs, solutions, and services that are raising the bar for the security industry.

Like any effective education and training initiative, our Keep Cisco Safe program continues to evolve and grow. We are honored to be recognized as an industry leader by the Info Security Products Guide. Behind this distinguished success is our relentless effort to drive pervasive security, trust, data protection, and privacy into everything we do at Cisco. This recognition from Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Award further validates our commitment to security and trust within our enterprise and for our customers.

For more on Cisco’s strategy to protect itself and its customers, visit our Trust Center.


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