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June 22, 2019
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Comcast Xfinity Smart Home Camera Has AI-Powered Pet Detection

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Comcast tapped into artificial intelligence (AI) again to add pet detection capabilities to its Xfinity smart home camera. Its first AI feature was two years ago, which offered better thumbnails for customers.

Comcast developed this new AI pet filter in response to a survey that the company put out. The result showed that 94% of Internet-enabled camera users used them to check in on their pets. These users noted that checking in on their pets was the best part of their day. Comcast took advantage of this knowledge and developed the Xfinity Home App Pet Filter.


How it works

Comcast’s Applied AI team, based in Washington D.C., developed the new motion detection pet filter. The team used machine learning (ML) and hundreds of thousands of donated home security video clips from testers to develop the pet detector app.

The algorithm can quickly and consistently detect movement of pets. The Xfinity Home App Pet Filter AI can distinguish between things that may move past the camera, such as humans, animals and cars. Therefore, whether the movement comes from a person, a car or your pet, the pet filter app will only notify you of your pet’s movement.

So if you are users of the Comcast Home platform, you can monitor your pet at home from wherever you are by tapping into the Pet Filter in your Xfinity Home App.

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