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Digitally Declutter Your Life for Back to School


It’s about that time of year to head back to school. Or, at least to start thinking about the school year ahead. Likely, you’re thinking about class schedules, textbooks and school supplies. Why not also consider how you can declutter all of the things you will carry around in your backpack and feel less weighed down going into the new year?


Here are some tips:

Minimize the amount of electronics you carry.

These days it’s too easy to carry around a large amount of electronics in one backpack—laptop, tablet, power cords, battery packs, and more. All of this weight adds up. However, by switching to lighter weight devices or devices that combine functionalities, you can lose some of the weight in your backpack.

For example, a MacBook Air is a much lighter laptop option. You could also consider one of the Microsoft Surface series, which combines the laptop and tablet into one device (perfect for notetaking with a little Netflix-ing on the side).

You can also look into a device with a larger storage so that you do not need to carry an external hard-drive with you. By using Google Docs or Microsoft 365 suite, you can make sure that your work is auto-saved in the cloud, which will also save more space on your device as well as save space in your bag.


Replace your textbooks and paper notes.

Textbooks are inevitable…well, the reading at least when it comes to reading them. Even though you need the books for classes that doesn’t mean they have to be heavy physical copies. Go digital! A lot of textbooks and required readings are available as e-books. You can find them on platforms like Amazon, Google Books, or Scribd, among others.

Note: going digital doesn’t mean textbooks will be cheaper—sorry. But you will feel less cluttered and less weighed down carrying one device for all of your reading.

As for taking notes, using note-taking apps is a great way to declutter your bag from loose papers. Not only will this reduce paper waste but will also make taking and finding your notes much easier. Most note-taking apps allow you to search for them by keywords or by date. They also keep your work backed up and stored safely.


Go wireless.

Lastly, you can go wireless with things like headphones or charging stations. AirPods and other Bluetooth-compatible earphones won’t get tangled up in your bag. The same goes for cord phone chargers. Leave the cords and cables to the necessary items, like things that remain stationary and not on your person.

In the digital age, it is increasingly easier to declutter and save space in life by switching our work and needs to our devices.

This school year consider some of these options to feel more organized and to lessen the load you carry through the halls or across campus.

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