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Get a compliant “Cloud Smart” approach to security with Stealthwatch Cloud

Over the past decade there has been a shift in focus when it comes to cybersecurity. This topic is often even more of a headache for Public Sector customers. Federal and state agencies, school systems and universities, owners of parks and all kinds of government organizations are bound by stringent policies that make choosing cybersecurity tools challenging. Many have turned to a “cloud-smart” approach to cybersecurity. This term has gained momentum over the past couple of years.

The cloud smart approach to cybersecurity is a federal prerogative to favor cloud operations in an effort to speed innovation, reduce costs and minimize on-prem devices. Along with this cloud migration push is the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program. CDM is an approach to cybersecurity that many federal agencies are aligning to. Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud fits right into this approach and is a flexible, SaaS delivered tool that can check off all the boxes for CDM. Let me answer a few questions that you may have about CDM and cloud security.

How does CDM work?

Network telemetry is a critical source of behavioral insight. CDM is all about understanding data in transit- your users’ behavior and activities. CDM automates controls and progress reporting through 5 key capabilities.

  • Data protection management asks “How is data protected?”
  • Network Security Management asks “What is happening on the network?”
  • Identity and Access Management asks “Who is on the network?”
  • Asset Management asks “What is on the network?”
  • CDM Agency and Federal dashboards collect and display information from CDM tools at the federal level.

Cybersecurity tools fit into CDM best when they use behavior itself as insights. Stealthwatch Cloud does just that.

What are the objectives of CDM?

CDM has a few specific goals in mind. First is to reduce the threat surface. That is, close the door on attackers, minimizing the amount of vulnerable areas within your network. Second is to increase visibility into the federal cybersecurity posture. Users need tools that can securely monitor what’s happening on the network and maintain compliance with federal standards. Third is to improve security response capabilities. This goes without saying. Top-tier tools must be able to respond to threats effectively. Lastly, CDM aims to streamline FISMA reporting. Stealthwatch Cloud supports all of these objectives. It is an agentless SaaS delivered solution with built-in response techniques that are enhanced through the all-new Cisco SecureX. It can even detect threats in encrypted traffic without active decryption, a unique differentiator that is critical for federal agencies. It increases visibility without increasing clutter, and can give users the confidence that no threat will go unnoticed.

Aren’t there strict rules for security tools in the Public Sector?

Yes. Federal agencies are bound by various compliance standards which may seem like extra hoops to jump through. Luckily, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud is now available in AWS GovCloud, a secure public cloud server that is available to US Public Sector customers. This is huge news for the US Public Sector. Deploying in the cloud is just the first step. Finding the right tool to do this safely must immediately follow. Stealthwatch Cloud customers in the public sector can now secure their sensitive workloads in the cloud, and benefit from the automated threat detection and high-fidelity alerts while meeting other regulatory standards.

Stealthwatch Cloud is the perfect tool for Public Sector customers operating in AWS GovCloud. It enables your CDM program, allowing for total network visibility and behavioral threat detection and helps your organization meet various compliance standards. On July 15th at 1:00 P.M. EST, hear from Public Sector and cybersecurity professionals to learn how Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud can support federal public cloud migration. Be sure to register for the webinar here, visit our website to learn more and sign up for a 60-day free trial today.

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