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September 19, 2019
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Half of Working Americans Fake Poor Connections to Avoid Working on Vacation

By definition, a vacation is meant for leisure and recreation. It’s meant for time away. Disconnecting from devices. When you keep connected while “on vacation,” that quickly can turn into working remotely. However, many of us do it just to get a break from the office.

Would you lie about having bad cell service to avoid having to answer emails or calls while on vacation? No, of course you wouldn’t. *wink*

But, according to the 2019 Vacation Confidence Index released by a leading travel insurance and assistance company, nearly half of working Americans said that they would. And, a quarter of working Americans admit to purposely booking trips to places where poor cell reception or WiFi access is a guarantee.


Here’s the breakdown of the groups most likely to use poor connection as an excuse:

  • 59% – Millennials
  • 49% – Gen X’ers
  • 32% Boomers

The numbers are split when to comes to men and women. The income breakdown looks like this:

  • 53% – those earning more than $50,000
  • 39% – those earning less than $50,000

Still, even though excuses fly, these groups are likely to check their emails while away:

  • 74% – Millennials
  • 58% – Gen X’ers
  • 63% – Boomers

So, while there are many working Americans that say they would make the “sorry, I’m losing you” excuse to get away, the numbers are still higher for those that would keep connected even when they are on vacation. Over half of working Americans said that they would be willing to work even more while they were away if that meant they could take vacations more often.


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