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How to Make Your Home the Smartest

How to Make Your Home the Smartest

Everywhere you look there is there is a new smart device. At this point, there are smart gadgets for every room in the home. Actually, outside of the home, too. Want to turn your home into a solid smart home?

Here are 12 devices that easily make your home smarter. And, you can control them all right from your smartphone:

Smart plugs

A smart plug sits between the electrical outlet and the appliance plugged into it. Smart plugs are the best way to make sure you never leave something plugged in and turned on. But, say that you leave the house and forget to turn an appliance off or unplug it, turn to your smartphone and via remote control tell the smart plug to turn off.

Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras give peace of mind when you are away. They also give you a heads up to who is at the door before you go to answer it. These devices can be used both inside and outside of the house. You can also use these devices to record suspicious (or funny) activity, set off alarms, speak with the mail delivery person and more.

Smart light bulbs

Similar to the smart plug, if you forget to turn off the lights, you can use your smartphone to tell smart bulbs to turn off from wherever you are. Smart bulbs also let you get creative with lighting throughout your home, whether that’s dimming the light or adding colored ambiance.

Smart smoke alarms

A smart smoke alarm is perfect for notifying you if there’s a fire when you are away. You can get an alert right to your phone or device.

Smart thermostats

Coming home from a warm vacation to a cold climate and need to warm up the place for when you arrive? How about cooling off the place on a hot summer day? Make sure you home is the perfect temperature when you arrive by setting the temperature from your smartphone before you get there.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers give you full voice to control. Tell the speakers to play your favorite song, search the web, tell you the weather, order a pizza and more.

Media streaming devices

Smart TVs and other streaming devices let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies (and sometimes hands free!).

WiFi extenders

Sometimes your router just isn’t sending WiFi far enough through your home, and your internet connection suffers from it. WiFi extenders fix the problem by extending the reach of strong, reliable WiFi throughout your entire home.

Smart coffee machine

Still in bed? Rushing around getting read in the morning? Sounds familiar. With a smart coffee maker, you control when (and from where) your favorite cup is made by setting everything up from your smartphone. 

Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells can act similar to smart security cameras because they will notify your smartphone when someone rings your doorbell. Most have built in motion sensors, so when a visitor is close you are also notified.

Smart robot vacuums

Handheld cleaning? Better yet, tidying up your space when you’re not even home? You bet. Smart vacuums make household chores a literal push of a button.

Smart home hubs

Smart hubs tie everything together because they allow you to control multiple devices from a single platform. Think of a smart home hub as the heart of your home network.

From basement to attic, front door to back yard, you can make your house work for you. Whether it’s security, cleaning or making coffee, you can kick back and relax while controlling how your household runs with a smartphone in the palm of your hand.

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