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How to See Where Advertisers Get Your Data on Facebook




Facebook is making more changes to show its efforts regarding transparency. Next time you are scrolling through Facebook and see an ad for something, you can now check how you are being targeted for that service or product and how the company is getting your data.



Facebook recently announced that it is updating its Ad Preferences tools and adding a “Why am I seeing this ad?” tool. These tools were actually added four years ago, but Facebook is finally updating them to be much more transparent. Users will be able to see more information on why they are seeing certain ads in their feeds. Users will also be able to see where their data goes, too.

How to see why you are targeted for ads:

Here are a few steps to follow to see this information:

  1. When you see an ad on your Facebook feed, click on the ellipsis (…) in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

This information will show you why you fit the profile for this company’s target audience. In the past, this was the only information users could see. Usually, it was about age or demographics, but nothing too in-depth. Now, you will be able to see even more details on why you are being targeted, and this page will also send you to the page where you can edit your ad preferences. You will also be able to select “Hide all ads from this advertiser” from an options dropdown menu.

See where your data goes

That’s not all, though. The upgraded tool also allows users to follow where their data is going. The Ad Preferences tool will allow users to see which third-party data brokers have shared lists that include their personal information. To see this information, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ad Preferences page
  2. Click on “Advertisers and Businesses”
  3. Look for the two tabs titled “Who uploaded a list with your info and advertised to it” and “Who have uploaded and shared a list with your info”

Users can narrow down the list from what was uploaded and shared within the last week or as far back as the last three months. This new transparency will give users a lot more information about their information and Facebook accounts.

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