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January 6, 2023
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January 6, 2023

Interviews with Artists–Featuring Megan Redmon  

Megan Redmon

United States

How/where do you find your inspiration?

I look to music, the people in my life, and my experiences. Inspiration is something I’d rather make than look for. So, I gather songs, ask my friends and family questions, or sometimes just draw things from my life. 

What things do you do when you face a creative block?

I just draw. Structure is a big thing for me and keeping in a rhythm is the best way for me to avoid getting stuck. When I do, I go back to where I started, or I ask friends and family for help. 

What are mistakes/lessons you’ve encountered as a beginner and have learned from?

Art is a very spiritual thing. You grow in your art if you want to grow as a person. You don’t get better if you don’t put in the hard work. Draw things that you don’t want to draw. Draw to improve your skill, draw when you don’t feel like it, and draw when you’re burnt out. Art is a service to our culture and improving yourself to serve others is a mindset that will set you on the fastest path to improvement. 

What are your best tips/tricks when working with CorelDRAW?

Hotkeys, hotkeys, hotkeys. You can create your own workspace and edit hotkeys for pretty much anything. Getting familiar with them or just setting your own hotkeys that make sense to you will help you work more efficiently and keep you in your rhythm. 

All artists in this series are customers of Alludo and use CorelDRAW.

A look at some of Megan’s work with CorelDRAW:

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