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Interviews with Artists–Featuring Tomasz Mroziński  

Tomasz Mroziński


How/where do you find your inspiration?

I usually try to find inspiration in real life. Studying how color and light work all around us is what drives me the most. 

What things do you do when you face a creative block?

When I find myself in that kind of spot, I try to focus on simple things first. When muscle memory starts working, your creative juices start flowing. Then it’s usually easier to approach more complex and difficult aspects of the work. 

What are mistakes/lessons you’ve encountered as a beginner and have learned from?

As a beginner I wasn’t using references enough. I have some traditional art background and there was a common belief that using photo references is cheating. Currently I’m working in the game development industry, and everyone here agrees that the ability to find and use good references is necessary to create believable and compelling art. 

What are your best tips/tricks when working with CorelDRAW?

I would recommend customizing your workspace for your needs. CorelDRAW provides you many options for this. You can change almost every shortcut and arrange tools in the most convenient way on your screen. 

All artists in this series are customers of Alludo and use CorelDRAW.

A look at some of Tomasz’s work with CorelDRAW:

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