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Is 5G or WiFi 6 Better for Your Wireless Network?

Both 5G and WiFi 6 have had a lot of limelight this year. With good reason. Both upgrades bring promises of faster speeds and better connections among other benefits. But when it comes to your wireless network, which is going to serve you best? Simply put: WiFi.

WiFi is everywhere. It’s likely that you use WiFi networks for your phone and PC more often than cellular network technology. So, it’s likely that WiFi 6 is going to have the bigger impact over 5G. WiFi 6 has a lot of plusses that 5G cannot promise. Such as:

  • Connection that will reach all corners of the home
  • The ability to cut through the mass of people congesting networks
  • Side-stepping interferences from other networks
  • Saving your phone’s battery life

WiFi 6 has a bigger opportunity to enhance our connected lives, and will do so sooner than 5G.

Note: To take advantage of WiFi 6 benefits in your home, you will need to buy new network gear that supports the new standard. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for your internet service provider (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) to upgrade the gear each company supplies you with.

You will also need new PCs, phones, video streamers, security cameras, and other smart devices that are WiFi 6-compatible and can support the new range and speed.

The new WiFi 6 standard offers double the range, triple the speed and overall better reliability. While 5G is great, when it comes to your wireless network, it looks like WiFi 6 might be the answer you are looking for. Whether that’s in your home, school or work.

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