Windstream Selects Actiontec’s Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform and F-Secure SENSE to Deliver Connected Home Security
December 17, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Managed Network Services

Professionally Managed Network Services for Dependable Performance

Managed Network Services

Powered by Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform

Actiontec’s Managed Network Services are powered by our groundbreaking Optim Managed Service Assurance platform. Our professional services provide comprehensive WiFi network and equipment monitoring, able to spot potential issues while they’re still small. We offer advanced security services to protect against increasingly complex cyber threats. And you can count on our team of experts to diagnose and mitigate risks – leverage our decades of experience without increasing your headcount.

Switch to a Proactive Maintenance Approach

Support models have traditionally used a break-fix approach: customers experience a problem, they report it, and then technicians scramble to troubleshoot and fix it. The problem is by the time a customer reports an issue, it has already impacted their experience – and it has most likely grown to the point where it requires a costly and time-consuming resolution. Actiontec’s Managed Network Services employs a proactive approach that continually monitors and manages your WiFi network service. It can proactively identify issues and fix them quickly – before they impact your customers and lead to costly downtime.

Resolve Network Issues Faster – at Less Cost

Our Managed Network Services are powered by our groundbreaking Optim Managed Service Assurance platform. Optim provides unprecedented visibility across your WiFi network and the performance and health of your subscribers’ WiFi and home networks. This means that more issues can be diagnosed and fixed remotely.

Protect Against Complex Cyber Security Threats

This fully managed security service combines Actiontec’s Optim cloud platform, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology with global expertise in cyber security from our partner, F-Secure. This all-encompassing solution combines cloud security with end-point protection. It identifies malicious sites, viruses, and other cyber threats. Machine learning can prevent attacks based on what the system already knows, as well as provide proactive recommendations to prevent possible exposure to threats. You can protect your WiFi network infrastructure from ever-evolving cyber threats – and give your subscribers advanced security services to protect their home network and IoT devices.

Get Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

You’ll get real-time and historical data from across your WiFi service area, presented in user-friendly, fully-customizable reports. Your operations team can quickly identify, analyze and address problems that can impact the subscriber experience. Marketing teams and executives can quickly visualize your deployed inventory and utilization of each network device.

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