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Parallels Desktop: A not-so-secret weapon for balancing productivity and security

Hey, knowledge workers—ever feel like you’re walking a tightrope between productivity and security? You are not alone. You all have a challenging task in the current workplace environment. You’re probably being asked to achieve more, and work faster while also needing to be more vigilant than ever about cybersecurity concerns. Learn how Parallels Desktop can help.

Ransomware and phishing scams are rampant, and it only takes one risky click to cause major problems for your data, your device, and even your company. Yikes. No pressure, right?

There is some good news. (Okay, it’s great news.) Parallels Desktop can help you balance productivity and security like an absolute pro. Parallels Desktop is a favorite among knowledge workers who want to use their preferred applications and devices to tackle their to-do lists—without worrying that they’ll be vulnerable to extra risk.

The Magic of Parallels Desktop

With Parallels Desktop, you can power up your Mac to run Windows on a virtual desktop. It’s like having two computers in one so you can work, develop, study, test, and play with security and ease. Take Hillary Moralez, an IT Helpdesk Manager at Alludo who prefers to use a MacBook but needs access to Windows-based applications to do her job. Hillary uses Parallels Desktop to access Active Directory so she can easily manage headcount and security for her hybrid team, right from her MacBook. Hillary also uses Parallels Desktop to troubleshoot IT problems—even if the device that needs support is located on the other side of the world. Hillary spins up a Virtual Machine (VM) that replicates the troubled device so she can investigate and resolve problems as though the device were physically in front of her. (Honestly, it’s kind of magical.)

Venture out there—Parallels has your back

Hillary isn’t the only one flexing wizardry skills with Parallels Desktop.  Alludo Project Manager Ekaterina Zelenskaya is an intrepid tech explorer who loves running tests and trying new apps. She knows that this often means getting into apps from unreliable sources, and she has zero interest in threatening the security of her device or data. When she’s in exploration mode, Ekaterina hops into a VM, knowing that her native OS remains secure. It’s like having a safety net for tech experiments. Ekaterina can dive in, test, tinker, and make a virtual mess—and with Parallels Desktop, the reset button is just a click away.

This remarkable tool has become a game-changer for countless professionals, empowering them to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with unparalleled confidence.

Alludo’s Director of Corporate Communications, Beatrice Vogel, shares Ekaterina’s penchant for bold tech exploration. She regularly tries and tests new apps and programs. She loves that she can build a VM for each one and then eliminate those that don’t suit her needs, without cluttering up her original machine or exposing it to unnecessary risk. Bea once downloaded an app with questionable security, but thanks to Parallels Desktop, she was within a VM as usual. She activated the highest security settings within that virtual machine, so her Mac remained untouchable. It’s like having a virtual bouncer, ensuring only safe and trusted entities get past the velvet rope.

Security features for work and play

To recap, Parallels Desktop offers a fantastic suite of security features that help you work, experiment, and explore confidently.

Virtual Machine Snapshots: Capture your virtual machine’s exact state, providing a quick and easy way to revert to a previous configuration should anything go awry.

Isolated Environments: Keep your native OS and data separate from your virtual machine, ensuring a secure barrier between the two.

Encrypted Virtual Machines: Protect sensitive data with robust encryption, ensuring it remains safe from prying eyes.

Parallels Desktop offers extensive procedures and mechanisms that protect a VM and host computer data from unintended or unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or disruption. Parallels Desktop ensures safe virtualization through a variety of mechanisms. It provides safe VM use and guarantees the protection of transferred data, helping to ensure error-free operations every step of the way.

These Alludo team members can attest that Parallels Desktop isn’t just for developers. It enables anyone in any profession to venture boldly into new apps, helping them find the tools and resources that let them do their best work and balance productivity and security. Elevate your security, embrace the virtual world, and let your Mac roam free without fear.

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