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Partner Summit 2022: Let’s Own the Opportunity to Build a World of Secure, Resilient Organizations

It’s Partner Summit week and, for me, it’s an important reminder that no one company, not even Cisco, can do it alone. Our partners provide diverse perspectives, expertise, and solutions offerings. Each partner plays a key part in delivering the outcomes and experiences our customers need, want, and expect. So, when we say, “Let’s Own It”, it’s a rally cry for Cisco and our partners alike to do our parts to seize the massive opportunity that we have in front of us and turn it into mutual success.

Together, I know we can achieve amazing things. Foremost on my mind right now is both the opportunity and necessity to empower customers with security resilience. Resilience means customers can protect the integrity of every aspect of their business so that they can withstand unpredictable threats or changes and emerge stronger. It’s about providing controlled, trusted access to applications and services, at any time, from any place.

Resilience can also help customers deal with issues the moment they arise. If changes are needed, they will have the visibility to determine priorities, thanks to actionable intelligence and insight in the face of some major security realities that they are dealing with every day.

One, businesses are more interconnected, meaning that a breach on anyone in the value chain has dramatic ripple effects on the others.

Two, security attacks are becoming more personalized. Individuals remain one of the easiest targets for cybercriminals and their attacks are becoming more sophisticated and customized for the individual.

Three, hybrid work is here to stay. People around the world will continue to work from anywhere, on managed and unmanaged devices, over secured and unsecured networks, to applications spread across multiple clouds and data centers.

Innovating to win: Summary of Partner Summit announcements

Our vision for enabling a more resilient organization is the Cisco Security Cloud. It’s an open, integrated security platform that will protect the integrity of entire IT ecosystems by safeguarding users, devices and applications across public clouds and private data centers, without public cloud lock-in. Delivering on the Security Cloud is part of our long-term product strategy; but the innovations we are announcing at Partner Summit this week are foundational elements that execute on this vision.

Specifically, we are announcing new solutions and technologies across our portfolio in Secure Connectivity, Network Security, and Zero Trust. I encourage all partners to drill down on each announcement in the accompanying blogs and news announcements. But here are the highlights of the announcements.

Secure Access by Duo

Helping increase resistance to phishing attacks and improve user experience through frictionless access using Duo Passwordless, which is now generally available with support for Duo Mobile as a passwordless authenticator.

Secure Firewall 3100 Series

Expanding the Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 series, the first firewall purpose-built for hybrid work, with the Secure Firewall 3105, ideal for branch office and similar use cases focused on performance at a competitive price point.

Secure Connectivity Enhancements

Strengthening Umbrella’s data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities by adding API-based enforcement and unified reporting to protect sensitive data, e.g., intellectual property and financial and healthcare information. This complements Umbrella’s current inline-DLP functionality and collectively forms multi-mode DLP.

Cloud Application Security

New Secure Workload capabilities delivering policy-as-code workload security for cloud-native and public-cloud application development. Common use cases for policy-as-code include access control to infrastructure and simplifying enterprise compliance and controls.

Our partner enablement commitments

Our strategy and our innovation roadmap are all designed to set you up, our partners, for long-term success. In addition, we are committed to several partner enablement programs to help you deliver more value to customers and to help you become more profitable. Examples include:

  • Simplifying how you do business with Cisco: We are taking active steps to simplify the ease of doing business with Cisco Secure in ways that accelerate your velocity and scaling our growth through the channel. We are continuing to invest in our partners’ programs, offers, and expanding our routes to market so that our partners can be more profitable with Cisco Secure.
  • Compelling offers and promotions: Recent examples include “One Year on Us” that we expanded to include the complete SaaS and recurring software subscription portfolio. Specifically, partners can offer customers preferential pricing with 1-year free with a 3-year subscription purchase.
  • Investment in awareness: We want customers to ask for Cisco Secure by name, so we are aggressively investing in brand awareness. This includes a new secure the enterprise campaign “if it’s connected, it’s protected” designed to strengthen Cisco’s market perception as a world-class security solutions provider. We are also planning to back this up by investing more than $50 million in paid digital marketing specifically for security over the next year.

How you can own this week

Partner Summit is for you. So, my call-to-action is for you to maximize the value you get out of this week by attending as many of the informative, high-impact security sessions many teams worked hard to create. I am really looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible – on the expo floor, at the sessions, or in our 1-on-1 meetings.

Security has never been more critical and the need for resiliency is a requirement for virtually every business. The time for us to own it and innovate to win this future together has never been better.

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