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Revolutionizing remote software access: Manufacturing company streamlines productivity with Parallels RAS

Seamless remote software access has become a necessity for organizations striving to empower their workforce and maximize productivity. Discover how manufacturing company CCL Design Electronics leverages Parallels RAS to transform their virtualization infrastructure, simplify remote software access, and achieve significant cost savings while enhancing their employees’ productivity.

The issue

CCL Design Electronics had implemented a virtualization infrastructure using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as a standalone solution. However, they encountered difficulties in providing flexible virtualization to their 500 concurrent users who required access to shared applications. Additionally, the company had deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) through VMware but desired a cloud-ready virtualization solution compatible with their cloud services.

The manufacturer needed a more workable framework that would enable instant and reliable access to their crucial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on remote devices connected to their hybrid cloud solution. Seeking a solution that would simplify remote software access and improve productivity, CCL Design Electronics conducted extensive testing of various remote applications. Among the competition, Parallels RAS stood out for its unparalleled capabilities and numerous advantages.

The solution

CCL Design Electronics seamlessly deployed Parallels RAS, granting their employees secure access to virtual applications across a diverse range of Windows and mobile devices distributed throughout their industrial space. With Parallels RAS, the company centralized their IT infrastructure and simplified access to manufacturing ERPs. This comprehensive solution not only improved infrastructure security and reduced costs but also empowered employees with enhanced flexibility and productivity-boosting tools.

With Parallels RAS, CCL Design Electronics gained instant access to the solution’s built-in server load balancing, ensuring smooth operations for machinery and manufacturing productivity. Moreover, the deployment of Parallels RAS was completed by the IT team within a few hours, resulting in substantial time and budget savings.

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