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Smartphones Are Out, Wearables Are In


Smartphones are on their way out the door. Well, at least that’s what one expert from Samsung believes. DJ Koh, a mobile expert from Samsung, predicts that with the shift into 5G, the tech industry will see consumers move away from smartphones and more towards wearables.

What inspired this prediction was the flop of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Here’s where Samsung thinks it went wrong:

Many reviews of the Galaxy Fold talked about screen corruption and broken display; which is a big deal when customers are being asked to pay $2,000 for the smartphone device. Furthermore, Samsung has suggested that the hinge feature is a weak point. As a result, Samsung postponed the launch and is further inspecting the Galaxy Fold device and where it went wrong. While technical issues were definitely part of the problem, the biggest issues were in the phone’s design.

While the Galaxy Fold will still release in the future, there’s a lot of speculation that the smartphone will decline as new devices emerge.

According to Kang Yun-Je, head of Samsung’s Electronics design team, the advancement of smartphone design has hit a limit. Yun-Je believes that within the next five years, consumers will be wearing their devices more than holding them. And according to Koh, this means a shift from thinking about smartphones to thinking about smart devices. With a lot of design flaws in smartphones and the emergence of Internet of Things, AI and now 5G pushing past the horizon, there could be a new era of devices in front of us.

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