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December 11, 2019
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December 11, 2019

The Benefits of Managed WiFi Services

The Benefits of Managed WiFi Services

As a Service Provider, you know that the cost of unnecessary support calls can be a huge operating expense.

More than 50% of support calls received by broadband service providers each year are related to Wi-Fi performance.

Having knowledge about the devices in the home increases the ability to proactively avoid issues and to make smart decisions whether problems can be resolved remotely or if a technician should be sent to the home.

Learn how Actiontec’s Optim Managed Service Assurance Platform provides Service Providers with cost saving benefits:

  • Prevent Unnecessary Truck Rolls
  • Get visibility into the customers’ WiFi
  • Accurately diagnose WiFi issues
  • Proactively prevent WiFi issues
  • Reduce your Support Costs
  • Reduce Churn
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Get the visibility you need inside the customer home so you can accurately diagnose issues, and take the necessary steps needed to proactively prevent issues before they affect your subscriber!

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