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The four technology trends you need to know about for 2023

As SVP of Technology at Alludo, I’m often asked about what technology trends I see coming down the pipeline. I recently shared new predictions with Italian publication BitMAT and wanted to highlight them here as well.

Trend #1: Investment in technology will be a requirement, not a “nice-to-have”

With the economic downturn, companies are looking for ways to tighten budgets. Technology should not be a place to compromise in 2023. Smart investments in technology can make companies significantly more economically efficient, doing more with fewer resources.

In 2023, companies will be called up on to ramp up their technological equipment—both to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and demanding market, and also to cope with the exponential increase in costs and constraints related to issues like sustainability and productivity.

Trend #2: True hybrid cloud is the way forward

In 2023 and beyond, enterprises will finally start planning for a true hybrid cloud. To that end, we’ll see a push toward integrating cloud services and legacy infrastructure teams. However, skills shortages will continue to be a challenge. Employees who have the skills to build serverless and cloud-native infrastructures are very rare, and companies will have to squeeze their budgets to attract and retain this type of top talent. 

Trend #3: Green computing for a sustainable future

More and more businesses—especially midsized to upper-midsized—will significantly accelerate their cloud adoption investments to securely and efficiently manage both next-gen and legacy applications. This is especially important as the threat of the global energy crisis and economic downturn continues, and companies increasingly focus on their carbon footprints.

While the cloud isn’t perfect in terms of sustainability, it’s greener than traditional data centers. And with more and more companies moving workloads to the cloud, cloud providers can continue to invest in renewable energy sources to enable environmentally friendly cloud-native applications. 

Trend #4: Tackling talent shortage through automation and long-term investments

As skills shortages continue to dominate the labor market globally, companies will adapt to augment and automate repetitive tasks. This automation will also feed into a trend toward qualifying and enhancing existing talent to focus on higher value-added activities. This is going to become crucial in an increasingly resource-strapped and highly competitive labor market.

Automation isn’t the only path forward. Companies will also have to make long-term investments to train and nurture talent that has yet to enter the labor market, with the aim of enriching the ecosystem. 

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