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Want Better WiFi at the Airport? Here’s How to Get It


The airport is a busy place with tons of people, which means tons of people using the same Wi-Fi network – which results in a slow or poor connection. We are all familiar with this situation. When you try to connect to a network, the go-to is often something like “Free Airport WiFi,” which sounds great, but it usually isn’t. With everyone trying to connect to the same free network at once, you get a bad connection or sometimes none at all.

Not only that, but these networks often try to force you to give information to have access for a limited time. Usually up to only an hour. One tip before getting into the apps and sites for networks and passwords is that when the airport’s free WiFi asks for your personal information, don’t give it. Why?

  1. Because you don’t have to.
  2. Because you risk your online privacy (usually only with spam emails, but still).

You don’t have to give your real email address. You can give a dummy one and still connect just fine.

On that note:

How do you find not only the right network, but a good one while you are sitting in the airport?

Try some of these sites and apps to help you not only find networks, but the passwords to connect to them no matter where you are in the world.


  1. You can search “Wireless Passwords from Airports and Lounges Around the World” in Google maps to find networks and passwords.
  2. An app called WiFox for Android and iOS helps you locate networks and passwords.
  3. Turn to this reddit list for even more lists of networks, passwords and tips.
  4. Apps like Instabridge and WiFi Map help take the mystery out of whether or not to try to connect to a network you might feel is a bit sketchy.
  5. Flio is an app for Android and iOS that provides general flight and airport information about airports you pass through, including WiFi network and password information.

With any of these sites or apps, you will find lists and lists of networks and passwords, so you are bound to find one that is strong and safe and won’t leave you disconnected and bored out of your mind next time you’re in an airport.

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