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August 9, 2019
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August 10, 2019

What is G.hn?

What is G.hn?

You count on having a stable Internet connection in every room of your home, making it frustrating to find dead zones in some rooms where the signal from your router isn’t quite strong enough to give you the connection strength or speed you need. When a wireless connection isn’t meeting your device needs, the pre-existing wiring in your home could offer a solution to connect WiFi dead zones.

G.hn is a home networking connection that uses existing “legacy” wires in your home to establish an internet connection through an Ethernet cable to a specific device. The four primary types of wires that G.hn operates over are telephone wiring, coaxial cables, powerlines and optical fiber. Since G.hn uses a physical connection, you can count on stable Internet in rooms that your wireless network doesn’t reach.



How G.hn Works

G.hn uses existing powerline wires in your home, making it easily accessible to any room with a power outlet. In order to create a G.hn connection, you need a G.hn powerline adapter or a network extender adapter.


G.hn Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters create a wired connection between the router and a device through the electrical wiring, turning the wall outlets in your home into a component of your home network. These adapters are especially useful for devices that require higher Internet speeds, such as computers, laptops, or gaming consoles.

Powerline adapters work in pairs. One adapter plugs into the wall outlet by your router. The other adapter is plugged into an outlet in the room where your device is. Connect your device to the adapter using an Ethernet cable to enjoy a fast and stable Internet connection over a powerline.


G.hn Network Extender

G.hn network extenders offer a similar solution, but instead of creating a physical Ethernet connection, the extender boosts Wi-Fi signals in rooms that are out of reach from your broadband router and offers a wireless connection for devices.

A powerline extender pairs with a powerline adapter by your router to create a wired connection from the adapter/router to the extender. The extender provides both a boosted Wi-Fi connection and an Ethernet port for a wired connection to your device


G.hn Internet Speeds

By adding a G.hn adapter and extender to your home network, you can trust that you’re getting the Internet speeds you’re paying for. A wired connection using an adapter or extender offers up to 1 Gigabits per second. Wireless connection speeds with an extender can reach up to 300 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz band or 628 Mbps on a 5 GHz band.


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