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Why You Should Go Back to Using Wired Internet



WiFi is an amazing thing until you are frustrated with a poor connection. Something we often forget about is wired internet. For years, devices have shifted to wireless internet, whether it’s for convenience, better service or to get rid of the clutter of cords. However, ethernet cables are still powerful regardless of how old school they may seem. Believe it or not, there are even circumstances where using cables can be more beneficial than WiFi.

For example, your WiFi connection can be obstructed by a thick wall or your router signal might be thrown off by metal objects nearby. While the average user might not notice some of the more subtle obstructions, gamers will definitely notice that WiFi is more prone to dropping signals and high latency as well as slower internet speeds.

WiFi may have some downfalls, but it’s not nearly all bad. If you are surfing the web or watching something on a streaming service like Netflix at the default 1080p configuration, a wireless connection is going to serve you just fine.

However, an ethernet cable wired connection can greatly benefit the gaming environment, helping reduce latency and interference. Also, when 4K streaming becomes more mainstream, getting those devices wired will help reduce interruptions, too.


When should I use a wired connection?.

One rule of thumb you can follow is that if the device sits still, wire it up. If the device is portable and moves often – like a laptop – connect to WiFi
While 5G is slowly rolling out in the US, this faster wireless internet is simply not going to solve all of these problems. At least not yet. And even when 5G finally hits most cities, it will only be in public areas to start and not necessarily in homes.

So, consider going back to a wired internet connection here and there. Most homes already have at least one coax outlet that supports wired connection. So, all you need to enhance your home network are cables and something like a high-speed MoCA adapter to get the faster speeds and reliable connection you want throughout your home.

WiFi is without a doubt more convenient, but you’ll be happy when you’re gaming or streaming without interruptions.

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