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November 17, 2022
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Work3 Survey Report 2022

Global survey: A leadership crisis is threatening the future of work. 

Everything hinges on leaders successfully bridging a disconnect with employees. 

A great divide is threatening the future of work.

The future of work is dismantling generations of notions about what work ‘should’ look and feel like. It’s a monumental leap forward—and it’s also catalyzing an identity crisis for leaders and a great divide between leaders and employees.  

The tension: Leaders are accustomed to the management style of the past. Employees have had a taste of freedom and flexibility—and they want more.  

The report reveals how leaders and employees really feel right now. Download the report to learn: 

  • Who has more freedom to choose where and when to work? 
  • Have managers changed their management style for remote and hybrid employees? 
  • What are employees willing to give up in exchange for freedom at work? 

The work world is at an inflection point. 

Will you bridge the gap between leadership and employees and embrace the future of work? Or fall behind? 

To learn more, download the following survey resources:

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