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Alludo’s subscription model equips businesses for success

The average person has five different retail subscriptions, while the average household has nine. A subscription price model combines convenience and cost-effectiveness, making it a hugely popular option for both consumers and businesses.  

In fact, it’s estimated that 53% of all software revenue will be generated from a subscription model during 2022, and 70% of business leaders say that subscription business models are the key to future growth. 

The Alludo® Partner Program offers subscription pricing models that enable you to deliver greater value to your customers through a full suite of awesome creativity and productivity solutions. 

Benefits of the Alludo subscription model for partners  

Meaningful partnerships are at the core of everything we do at Alludo. This applies to our customers, our employees, and especially our partners. 

Clear benefits and opportunities for your company are abundant in Alludo’s subscription selling model. Benefits include:  

Simplified customer acquisition. Our subscription models offer a lower upfront cost, making the barrier to entry for customers easier to overcome. This makes potential customers more likely to sign up for a subscription than a perpetual license, which can be more expensive.  

Since the cost of acquiring a new customer can be up to five times the cost of retaining a customer, this can result in significant—and immediate—cost savings.  

Recurring, predictable revenue. Subscription models provide a consistent revenue stream that can reduce the effort required by your marketing and sales teams over time. They can also help improve your company’s financial forecasting by allowing you to more accurately predict incoming revenue.   

Stronger, more loyal customer relationships. With subscription models, product versions, and feature updates, patches, and fixes can all be deployed automatically, leading to more satisfied customers since they do not have to manually purchase and install these changes every time they take place.   

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Increased customer touchpoints combined with the ongoing relationship that a subscription model provides presents you with more chances to upsell and cross-sell. Given that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared to just 5-20% for a new customer, this can be a significant boost for your company revenue.   

A 24/7 support team. As an Alludo Partner, the Alludo renewal team is always available to help you manage your pipeline and set you up for success along the way. 

Benefit of the subscription model for customers  

Your customers also stand to benefit from switching to a subscription selling model. These benefits include: 

Reduced costs and improved financial flexibility. With the relatively low barrier to entry, Alludo’s subscription offerings enable customers to optimize their budget and available capital more efficiently. 

Subscription licensing also delivers cost savings to customers over time when compared to perpetual licensing. Customers are also able to cancel their subscription at the end of their term without paying a penalty.   

Instant product updates. Customers can immediately access product and feature updates, patches, fixes, and more by signing up for a subscription. New innovations and enhancements are included in the total subscription price and are often made available for immediate download to subscribers upon release, without the subscriber having to do anything.  

Increased reliability. Alludo subscription products are typically compatible with the latest operating systems and other key technology updates, helping customers keep pace with the rapid evolution of hardware and software.   

Uninterrupted convenience. Our subscription plans are simple to renew. Customers receive uninterrupted use of key software products year after year, without having to set aside time for the lengthy updates and/or upgrades that are often necessary when a perpetual license product becomes outdated.   

Flexibility to meet changing business needs. Customers can increase, decrease, pause, or otherwise adjust their number of licenses at any time, giving them the flexibility and agility to quickly adapt to changing business or market demands.  

Alludo is committed to empowering channel partners to meet the needs of their customers by providing our productivity and creativity solutions via a subscription model to increase customer satisfaction and help boost your organization’s short and long-term growth.  

Your success is our success—get started today!  

Learn more about the Alludo Partner Program and our available portfolio of subscription models. 

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