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Complete Guide to WiFi Networking

Complete Guide to WiFi Networking

802.11 technology dates back to 1985, although the term Wi-Fi wasn’t used commercially until 2000. It was also in this year that WI-FI CERTIFIED testing began on 802.11b products (delivering 11 Mbps of raw data). Of course, a lot has changed since the early days. Networks today support much faster speeds, bigger ranges, and more devices can connect to them.

When you connect your laptop to a hotspot at a coffee shop or hotel, or you create a wireless network in your home, you’re using a WiFi wireless network. So, just what is WiFi? The term stands for Wireless Fidelity and means that a device is compatible with the 802.11 standard, the established standard for wireless networks.

When you’re looking to buy new wireless networking gear or a mobile device, you’re faced with an array of choices and abbreviations. As capabilities are added to the original IEEE 802.11 standard, they become known by their amendment (802.11b, 802.11g, etc.). Here we’ll discuss the basics of each 802.11 Wi-Fi standard.

Managing WiFi

Knowing the ins and outs of your home wireless network can be a challenge. After all, you have dozens of devices, each connected to your network on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Some of them may be streaming or gaming while others are turned off. Maybe friends or relatives are visiting that are using your WiFi. Your home network can become cluttered and overwhelmed, leading to slower Internet.

WiFi Security

The WiFi password. It’s what prevents hackers and others from accessing your home wireless network, stealing your bandwidth and even viewing your traffic. You probably want a password that’s easy enough to give to guests who want to use your wireless network, but an easy and weak password can be easily cracked by hackers.

WiFi Troubleshooting

Slow or spotty WiFi is frustrating. If your Internet goes down completely, that’s even worse. Fortunately there are a few simple WiFi troubleshooting tips you can try before contacting your ISP.


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