Why Won’t My Laptop Connect to WiFi: Some Simple Things to Check
May 23, 2019
WiFi Analyzer for the Home Network
May 23, 2019

WiFi Analytics for the Home Network

WiFi Analytics for the Home Network

Your home network is an endless hub of activity. If you’re only looking at your network when your Internet stops working, you may not be getting the very best performance out of your network. Checking on your home network doesn’t have to be a hassle. Network monitoring software can make it easy to get a complete view of your network and optimize it to meet your needs.


How to Access WiFi Analytics

There are two options to access your data about network’s performance:

  1. Router IP address – You can access information about your WiFi network through your router’s IP address. This method requires an Internet connection and isn’t entirely user friendly unless you know what you’re looking for. To log onto your router as an administrator, find your router’s IP address (on the router’s label) and enter it into a web browser. Then enter your login information. Routers include default usernames and passwords, so refer to the label on your router for login details as well. After logging in, you will have access to your network information.
  2. Network monitoring software – Network monitoring software compiles your network performance information onto a dashboard that you can typically access from a smartphone or a computer. With this dashboard, you can learn about various aspects of your network and identify under-performing components. Through analytical tools in your dashboard, you can also optimize the performance of your network.


Key Features of Network Monitoring Software

  • Custom dashboard for checking your network at a glance.
  • Security tools to keep your personal information secure and keep unwanted devices off of your network.
  • Wi-Fi booster tools like band steering to optimize your network.
  • Troubleshooting tools that automatically detect issues and offer solutions and allow technicians to remotely access your network for larger problems.


How to Use WiFi Analytics

By understanding your home network, you can solve many of your network issues without the hassle of having to call your ISP, or worse, set up an appointment with a service technician. Network analytics can provide you with valuable information, from traffic volume to data security threats.

Knowing your network’s capabilities also helps you manage your devices. You can keep adding to your smart home device collection knowing exactly what your network can handle.

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