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Texas-based ISV reduces onboarding time by 83% with Parallels RAS VDI solution

Scaling up and onboarding new clients was becoming more and more difficult for Texas-based ISV Spindlemedia.  With their tax collection software only accessible on-site, onboarding new clients was a time-consuming process that required purchasing and building new servers, shipping them to the client, and installing them on-site. The ISV needed a solution to help reduce onboarding time and limit the amount of manual labor to manage and install their software. 

The issue

In 2017, Spindlemedia was servicing only 20 of the 240+ counties in Texas. They were looking to quickly scale their business. However, the tax collection software provider was finding it difficult to scale due to cumbersome servers and the need for manual labor. 

These challenges made it clear to Spindlemedia that they needed a way to: 

  • Scale their business faster.
  • Improve and simplify the client onboarding process.
  • Streamline workspace management.

Spindlemedia put Parallels RAS to the test. They used Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform, to host their data center and Parallels RAS to deploy their desktops and applications to their clientele. 

During the pilot period, Spindlemedia’s original data center was flooded due to the devastating Hurricane Harvey. If the flooding had happened before the Parallels trial, Spindlemedia would have experienced catastrophic effects on their business. However, their desktops and applications were being delivered virtually by Parallels RAS, and so their productivity was unaffected.

The built-in reporting and monitoring tools of RAS allowed Spindlemedia to identify changes within the environment and resource fluctuations easily. 

The solution

Spindlemedia successfully shifted their client base to the cloud using Parallels RAS. This seamless transition improved capacity and production for Spindlemedia.  It was clear—RAS was the tool Spindlemedia needed to shift their full client base from a classic on-premises model to a VDI set-up.

By moving operations to the cloud and using Parallels RAS as a VDI solution, Spindlemedia experienced an exponential increase in opportunity, productivity, and overall growth.

  • In just a couple months, they reduced the onboarding process time by 83%, and the company experienced a 37% increase in new clients and business.
  • Day-to-day tasks and processes were streamlined due to process simplifications.
  • The ability to operate via the cloud meant that Spindlemedia could reduce dependency external IT expertise and minimize the need for on-the-ground employees to support onsite customers for maintenance and installation, which lowered overhead costs.

Read the complete case study here or trial Parallels RAS today at your organization.   

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